Friday, January 29, 2010

Just finished this book.
Elna is a good writer...and funny too.
That said, I'm glad I'm not in her shoes.
She made out her life to be oh so different....
Like she is the only "one of a kind" mormon.
The only one who doesn't like Baptists At the Barbeque.
I started out enjoying the book...
and finished with a bad taste in mouth.

That's all I'll say.


  1. i'm so intrigued by this book ever since i heard her read one of her stories on studio 360. also, the fortune cookie costume story is one of the memorable laugh out loud moments of my life.

  2. I think you phrased that just right. ditto.

  3. Someone DIDN'T like Baptists at the Barbecue? I questions if she is even really Mormon.

  4. She's clearly not, Allyson. She's obviously Baptist.