Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's been Christmasy at work lately. I was given the assignment to make a flashy Christmas mailer for work. Who would have thought I'd use Adobe Flash after college? Not I. Anywho, here is the link to what we sent out clients for the new year. (Side note: The office is really just me and mike....Annmarie is Mike's wife and Jesse is the intern that comes in on and on). We thought the more the merrier.

Monday, December 14, 2009

By popular demand...
Our tree!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sorry about all the posts today.

Cree just has finals to study for and I have time on my hands. :)

I got the Toast catalogue in the mail last week. It is really delightful. I recommend everyone having it sent to you. It is printed on very nice thick paper and is perfect bound. The design on the inside is really well as the photography. It makes me want to order everything in it.

Work has been going well. I have been surprised at the amount of work we get considering Michigan's economic state. Thank goodness for the university. Anywho, here are just some of the projects I have done while working for Savitski Design.

This is a poster I did for an exhibit on campus. I had a fun time working on it. The invitation is later on in the post.

This is a newsletter I did for the School of Public Health. They already had a logo (the globe on the front), so they asked us to use it in the name. Below is a poster I did for a speaker that was coming for the school of humanities.

And this was the invite to the Ann Arbor Broadway Art Fair. This was the only copy left...and as you can see someone spilled coffee on it. Lovely.

Then this is the invite for the poster that was listed first. The velum is see through so as you flip through the pages, you take away pieces of the exhibit title. The exhibit was on lost languages, hence the broken type.

Well, that is just a taste of what I do here in Ann Arbor. It has been a great experience because aside from Mondays with the intern, it is just me and the boss. It has been a great learning experience so far...dealing with photography and printing and clients. It is nice to start a project and get to see it all the way through to the end.

Our first real Christmas tree!!! We think it is beautiful. We decorated it last week with vintage Christmas balls from Mother Jones and then cute vintage style crate + barrel ornaments from Mama Cockriel. It looks beautiful! We've already watched White Christmas + Elf. We have yet to decided what tonight's Christmas movie will be.
Yup. Cree + I saw Wicked.

It was AMAZING! We have tried to see Wicked so many times, but never got the chance. My adorable little family carted us downtown KC twice in one after wait in line. They figured we'd have better odds with bigger numbers. We didn't get called for the matinee and then we didn't get called again for the night show...BUT...I knew a girl from high school who won twice, so lucky Cree + Amanda got her extras. It was a dream. Second row...tears streaming down my of my life looking adorable with his hair parted with a skinny tie...and watching a girl painted green sing her heart out. Best night ever.

Back in October me dear friend Mallory got married. She asked me to design her invitations. She had them letter pressed at the same place that pressed mine. They do a great job.

Back in Philadelphia, I took the train to and from work every morning. Depending upon where you went and for how long you were on the train, you got a different ticket. I got the same ugly one every time and was always jealous of the other riders with prettier tickets. That said, none of these are mine. I shamelessly picked them up of the train floor and pocketed them whenever I saw one. Don't ask me why I love them so much, I just do.

It has become pretty regular that we spend our weekend date night at the Michigan Theater. The other night we saw An Education. Everything about the movie was, clothing, set, cinematography...that said, it had a very sad plot and made me feel like I was in a funk for about an hour. Not an upper.

Then we came out of the theater and found this!!! I swooned and wished I had been there to witness the real thing. It made me remember when I got engaged. What a happy day.


Last Summer before moving to philadelphia Alpha May and I went to Salt Lake for an afternoon outing at the Beehive Tearoom. She snapped some photos and then we enjoyed some lavender iced herbal tea. Yummm. Anywho, she ended up using the photo for a job and I ended up in the August issue. You can hardly tell it is me, but I still was tickled pink. Thanks Alpha!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dreams do come true.
She + Him is coming out with Volume 2