Wednesday, November 4, 2009

:: our home ::

Here is a little look at our new home. We had so much fun getting was hard work but fun. Our home is a bit mix-match, but that's what newlywed life is supposed to be right? :) We also have nothing on the walls yet...workin on it.


  1. Amanda, your home is very beautiful.

  2. I love the piano. And I really adore bookshelves.

  3. i also love the piano. and it gives me joy to see your yellow walls because ours (in the living room) are a similar color and i have been having a hard time figuring out what to do in our living room. anyway. also, love the handicap bar in the bathroom. haha.

  4. I love everything about your new home. Sooo darling! Though I have to admit, your coat hanger might make me afraid to go through your living room at night! Scary man hiding in the corner!!!

    I've always dreamed of an entire wall of books. I'm just a teensy bit jealous of that!

    And don't rush to put anything on the walls. Better to find what you love than live with so-so.

  5. I just showed this to biff. He says
    "that's my book! Hey, that's my book!"
    "should we tell them to give it back?"
    "no, but still, that's my book!"

    Biff's glad he contributed a little to your home. :)

  6. Thanks guys! Just so you know, there is a handicapped bar in the shower as well...:) It makes us laugh too. I think the one bedroom apartments are meant for the older folk.

    Rosie, As for the book, I read the post about Biff and the book to Cree. He immediately got a sheepish look on his face. He knew exactly which one it was! So funny.