Saturday, October 3, 2009

:: grizzly bear + beach house ::

Last weekend, my boss gave Cree and I tickets to the Beach House + Grizzly Bear Concert at the michigan theater. Little did we know that E meant FIFTH ROW! And it was amazing. Beach House came down to watch Grizzly Bear for a while behind our seats...I was too shy to say anything more than "Hi, you did great." Really awkward, but still gave myself a pat on the back. Alex had really big hair.

Grizzly bear however did not come down after their performance. Seeing all the freshman girls bouncing around the stage with their sequence and mini skirts made me realize that I am getting older. I told Cree that I thought there were way too many high schoolers at the concert. He then corrected me that I was now a college graduate and that girls younger than my little brother were now freshman and it put everything into perspective. And so it goes. Anywho, besides feeling old, it was amazing. The lights, the singing, the musicians. Fantastic.

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