Saturday, September 26, 2009

:: first day ::

First day of work.
First day of school.
Matching 70's blue NorthFace backpacks, thanks to Mark and Cynthia.
and lots of butterflies.

It was a couple weeks ago, but we are posting the photos anyway. The first day/week jitters are over now. We have a pretty great routine now, and we are both enjoying what we are doing. We bike to school every morning on our tandem. Cree drops me off at work and he usually heads to the library while I design away. We meet for our brown bag lunch around noon, spend the best hour of my day together and then he drops me off again. Last week I had my first big presentation to UMMA. It is the gorgeous new addition to the museum of art here in Ann Arbor. I was proud of my work and we'll see how it goes. I've decided that after letterpress, designing books is just about my second favorite thing to do in design. Also, Cree was elected to be on a committee for the Ford School to take a group of students down to the Philippines next semester. He is pretty thrilled....Everything about this school seems just perfect for Cree. I am happy for him.

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