Saturday, September 26, 2009

:: thanks robb ::

Photos by Robb Costello. So lovely.

:: the bike ::

Three things:
1. Yes that is the new bike!!
2. Yes, we have that many silly.
3. We got caught in the rain. Excuse the unflattering wet/clingy shirts and hair plastered to the forehead.

:: first day ::

First day of work.
First day of school.
Matching 70's blue NorthFace backpacks, thanks to Mark and Cynthia.
and lots of butterflies.

It was a couple weeks ago, but we are posting the photos anyway. The first day/week jitters are over now. We have a pretty great routine now, and we are both enjoying what we are doing. We bike to school every morning on our tandem. Cree drops me off at work and he usually heads to the library while I design away. We meet for our brown bag lunch around noon, spend the best hour of my day together and then he drops me off again. Last week I had my first big presentation to UMMA. It is the gorgeous new addition to the museum of art here in Ann Arbor. I was proud of my work and we'll see how it goes. I've decided that after letterpress, designing books is just about my second favorite thing to do in design. Also, Cree was elected to be on a committee for the Ford School to take a group of students down to the Philippines next semester. He is pretty thrilled....Everything about this school seems just perfect for Cree. I am happy for him.

:: so domestic ::

Last Sunday Cree and I woke up and were in the mood to bake something. I made an apple pie and he made banana bread. When we went to put it in the oven, it was still cold. We felt silly. Of course on the one day we decided to bake...our oven breaks. We ended up using a neighbors oven, and had some yummy treats for the week.

:: 5 months ::

We have been married five months, and we are loving every minute of it. It has been a busy five months, but five of the happiest. Rob Costello, one of Cree's best friends, sent us the 8mm film he took at our wedding and some of the film shots he took. We love them! Thanks Rob!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

:: date night ::

This weekend for our date night, Cree and I rode our vintage tandem to the michigan theater in downtown ann arbor.  We are getting pretty speedy on our bike and have shaved a good twenty minutes off our original trek.  It took us a good 22 minutes to get to the edge of campus.  Not too shabby.  We saw the movie Adam and then stopped for a blizzard at dairy queen afterwards.  I'm beginning to adore Ann Arbor.  Nothing better than running around town with your best friend.

:: birfffday ::

It was my birthday!

Anyone who knows the Cockriel family knows that birthdays are very important.
So even though we still had mounds of boxes to sort through, we took the day off and celebrated.

First, Cree made me eggs and toast for breakfast.  Yumm.  Next we took our new birthday surprise...a vintage emerald green schwinn twinn on a it's maiden voyage.  We've decided that tandem is now the only way to go. Then we went downtown to get my haircut...I hadn't had it cut since February.  No more bangs in my eyes.  For lunch we went to a burger joint down by the law school and went swimming at the pool by our house.  After swimming we got all spruced up for a night out on the town.  We went and saw Julia and Julie, which I adored and then out for seafood.  We came home and had some games and  dessert compliments of cree.  He made my day so special.  What a doll.  I'm a pretty lucky gal.

:: fair ::

For quite some time now I have been associate with the burley crowd and for years all I have heard is just how wonderful the Cassia County fair is.  Cree and I had to fly back to Idaho to collect all of our belongings in a uhaul, and it just so happened to be the same weekend of the fair.  It was lovely and all the I hoped.  Maple bars, dutch oven potatoes,  cotton candy, corn on a stick and horses...lots of horses.

:: movin ::

we have way too much stuff.
and we are tired of hauling it cross country.
but we got it all to fit in our new little home.
we've worked so hard, but it is almost done.

:: who knew?!? ::

one of the things that the cockriel's learned at cockriel family reunion?
cree can do just about everything.

:: bowlin ::

Back in philly we went with the teach for america kids to the cutest little bowling alley called North Bowl.  It was wonderful!  Everything was retro and it had the best burgers.  Mmmmmm.  Our bowling skills were not to impressive, but we sure looked cute doing it.

:: TFA ::

i spent the day with cree and teach for america back in philadelphia.
it was such a beautiful school.

:: summer nyc trip ::

This summer, Cree and I decided to take the bolt bus (best invention ever) to New York for the weekend.  It was the same weekend in July that we went on our first date in New York City.  This time around we went to the New York temple, Mary Poppins (Cree's first broadway), lunch, a little shopping and a nap in central park.  We stayed the night with Regan and Colin in their apartment in Brooklyn. They were lovely hosts.  Clean sheets and all.  

I Love New York.