Monday, August 31, 2009

:: back from the dead ::

Hello hello!  We are back with internet and electricity.  Thank goodness.

Ann Arbor is lovely.  The town is delightful and the school even more so.  I am excited for Cree and all that is coming his way.  

Not much has happened yet.  We've just locked up inside our new house.  We've scrubbed, taped, painted, tiled (with deb and gary's help of coarse), and spent hours and hours searching craigslist with Barnes and Noble's free internet for new furniture. From our search, we now have a new washer and dryer, a beautiful dresser from the 60's, a new FREE piano from the 1920's  and some awesome lamps.  We are still in the market for some delightful hanging light fixtures and of coarse a letterpress, but those will just have to wait.

Some more good news! I got a job, which is apparently impossible to do in Ann Arbor.  It is with a local design company that I think is the only design company in Ann Arbor.  I will work full time, which will be an adjustment after being a student for so long, but I am thrilled with the opportunity.  Here is his website.  He specializes in books...which I love and did a lot of at Mucca.   There is only one other person at the it will be a two man operation now.  I feel so blessed to not only have a job, but one in my field.  Another bonus is that it is .2 miles away from the law school.  Cree and I can have lunch everyday!!!  I am also looking for local letterpress studios to have fun with on the weekends.  :)  

Lots of pictures to come.  Stay tuned.