Tuesday, July 21, 2009

:: obama ::

We decided take a spontaneous trip to DC last friday.  
I'd never been....and it was wonderful.

I sure married a good lookin guy.

This happens a lot.  I will take cree's picture.  
Then he says, let me take your picture too.
Then I say that's ok.
Then he says our children are going to think that
we are weird because we only have pictures of dad.
Then I say...ok.

We are pretty sure Obama was in the helicopter.  
So we are telling people that we probably saw Obama.

and for the grand finale.....
cree took this of me.
he said he was being arty like the beatles.
gosh i love him.


  1. How cool!! I am way jealous. I would love to go to DC someday. Very fun pictures...

  2. ah, you guys are so cute!! looks like you're having lots of fun and taking advantage of where you're at!! I love DC!