Friday, July 24, 2009

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This weekend is the same weekend we had our first date in new york. We have decided to take a little nostalgic road trip to New York for the weekend in honor. We are staying with my dear friends Regan and Colin and Rory and then going to the temple in the morning followed by lunch at the shake shack and a walk along the pier just like on our first date. In the evening I hope to explore my old spot...soho. Maybe a stop at Muji?? We shall see. We are just excited to be in New York again. Oh...another cute tid bit is that the bus is dropping us off at the same place I met cree for our first date...Penn Station on the corner of 34th street. I think it will be splendid.

This was a roll of film cree took on his roliflex on our first date.
I apologize for the streaky scan...
you can still get the picture.

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