Friday, July 24, 2009

:: holga help ::

I need Holga help. Cree and I took these on our honeymoon....and I don't know what happened. These are the best ones from the role. I still think they are pretty cool...I just know they can be even cooler. I'm not even showing any from the black and white roll....the golden gate bridge looked like a mound of dirt. Anyone know what my problem is?? I am open for suggestions.


  1. Okay, so I don't have holga help, but I do have some info for you.

    You live in Philly, right? And you were in NY this weekend or so it appears on your blog? Well Becca, my sister-in-law, was in NY last weekend and lives in Philly so it was probably her! CRAZY!

    Also...I noticed in your "about me" that you are a letter presser. Is this true? I need wedding invitations...

  2. PS - check out jonathan canlas' blog for holga help (you'll have to email him, but he did a recent post on it):

    PSS - I might love invitation help.

  3. it looks like it wasn't put into the holga correctly.... AND the mound of dirt....may be because you had it on the wrong exposure setting.... like the people setting when you really wanted mountains...

    sorry this is late..i just saw your blog with your comment and you two are the CUTEST!