Friday, July 24, 2009

:: holga help ::

I need Holga help. Cree and I took these on our honeymoon....and I don't know what happened. These are the best ones from the role. I still think they are pretty cool...I just know they can be even cooler. I'm not even showing any from the black and white roll....the golden gate bridge looked like a mound of dirt. Anyone know what my problem is?? I am open for suggestions.

:: new york new york ::

This weekend is the same weekend we had our first date in new york. We have decided to take a little nostalgic road trip to New York for the weekend in honor. We are staying with my dear friends Regan and Colin and Rory and then going to the temple in the morning followed by lunch at the shake shack and a walk along the pier just like on our first date. In the evening I hope to explore my old spot...soho. Maybe a stop at Muji?? We shall see. We are just excited to be in New York again. Oh...another cute tid bit is that the bus is dropping us off at the same place I met cree for our first date...Penn Station on the corner of 34th street. I think it will be splendid.

This was a roll of film cree took on his roliflex on our first date.
I apologize for the streaky scan...
you can still get the picture.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

:: obama ::

We decided take a spontaneous trip to DC last friday.  
I'd never been....and it was wonderful.

I sure married a good lookin guy.

This happens a lot.  I will take cree's picture.  
Then he says, let me take your picture too.
Then I say that's ok.
Then he says our children are going to think that
we are weird because we only have pictures of dad.
Then I say...ok.

We are pretty sure Obama was in the helicopter.  
So we are telling people that we probably saw Obama.

and for the grand finale.....
cree took this of me.
he said he was being arty like the beatles.
gosh i love him.

Friday, July 17, 2009

:: graduation ::

i designed this for my dear friend alpha may.

:: for my mathematician ::

At work on Wednesday, I finished my press job early and spent an hour or two cleaning up the old wood type they had lying around.  They have some really fantastic stuff.  You could tell it hadn't been used in a long time because of the layers of inky grim.  I wanted to see if they worked, so I decided to make a number collage/test print.  Some of the numbers were pretty worn down, but I added masking tape to the bottom to give them padding.  After the padding, they all worked like a dream.  I love how the wood has been dented on some of the numbers....I think it gives some character.  Anyway, cree loved it and it is now pinned up on our fridge using the adorable magnets kenz made and gave us a couple weeks ago.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

:: excuse the blur ::

this is the fabulous place i am working this summer.
i love it and am melancholy thinking of leaving it.
the experience is great...and the people even better.

3 C&P's!!!

my station: the vandercook.
it works like a dream.
(sorry about the blurry photos)

the windmill scares me half to death.
it's just so fast!

this is the first project i pressed for the studio.  
i did not design it...brooke forry did.
i like her a lot.

here is the final product in their city gallery...pressed 55.
and below is my cute husband looking at all the goods.
i was so excited to see that they had studio on fire items for sale!!!
i LOVE them.

this job has made my summer wonderful!
i'm in the market for a new letterpress, 
so if anyone has any leads...let me know.