Monday, June 29, 2009

:: we're all about history ::

This weekend, in between TFA meetings (yeah that's right, i can use their acronyms now) and move in, we decided to check out some of the historical sites.  I took some polaroids.  Cree took his roliflex.....and....we got some stamps!!!!  My mother was green with envy.  I hope this summer, combined with D.C. that I will have the most stamps in the entire Cockriel family.  I'm crossing my fingers.

I have had mine for years.  It is all old and scruffy now.
I gave cree one for his his is all brand new and shiny...
just waiting to be filled.

I have never had so many stamps in one place! 
It was like national park heaven.

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  1. Oh heavens-so many stamps! I love love love this and somehow feel that this solidifies the need for us to be friends-even if it is via blogs.