Friday, June 26, 2009

:: photo catch up ::

This was from the weekend before we left Provo.
We had the first Jones Family Reunion.

I love micah's face.

This was just about the prettiest cloud i'd ever seen.
almost edible....

This was while cree was giving me my University of Michigan tour.
I took a break to talk to kenz.

This is Cree's Law Library...the inside is GORGEOUS! 

this was our provo home...i was sad to leave it.

loved the stained glass.

and yes....
this was our bed.

Ben Franklin says hello every morning to us now...

and here is the living room....i tried my best to make it homish.

do you see the white shower curtain part is only two feet long?
that's all they had when we got there.  We bought the clear one.

our new computer!!!

I think now that it is clean we'll be able to handle it for two months.

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