Thursday, June 4, 2009

:: kc open house ::

This past weekend, Cree and I flew out for our final wedding festivity,
the Kansas City open house. Mama made it so cute. She kept with the vintage
theme the whole night. She even had someone lend us their vintage 57 car to
put in the front yard. I thought everything looked just lovely. Thanks mama!

she set up a little table to show off the china and dishes that we registered for.
i LOVE the little bowl with the lemons. so Cynthia Cockriel.

one of my best friends from growing up just graduated from a
culinary school in Texas.She did all the cupcakes!!!
all 200 cupcakes...I chose red velvet, lemon and chocolate.
the lemon were my favorite. they melted in your mouth.

Pop testin out the cupcakes.

mama put vintage table cloths on the tables out back. i think they were a hit.


  1. Amanda have I told you how much I love your whole stinkin' wedding. I want to get you on the phone just so I can gush on for an hour about how much I loved it. And then this little KC open house, no words, you've done it again. Seriously I want to hear all the details. You have to be one the cutest, classiest and lovely brides ever. That's it you're adorable. Love shelbs.

  2. Shelbs, you are a doll. I agree we need to talk soon. I have all my projects done next thursday, then we can talk for hours and hours. I'm glad you approve of the wedding details. I wish you coulda been there....