Tuesday, June 30, 2009

:: look alike ::

My friend Bardhi gchatted me the other day that he saw someone online that looked like me and had the exact same facial expressions.  It made me laugh because she is kinda grimacing. Even so, thank you.  She has a cool style.  I'm going to take it as a compliment and run with it.

Monday, June 29, 2009

:: she & him ::

I did this project for my letterpress class this fall.  I love she & him and I love letterpress.  
It was the perfect project for me.

:: orange galorange ::

I made this book for my bookbinding class.
It was one of my favorites.

:: thrill of the kill ::

Here is a project I did with my letterpress class this past semester.
We all picked an object or idea that could kill you...
then letter pressed it.

:: waste anthology ::

My senior show went up last week in the Harold B. Library on the third floor across from the sample section.  The art in the library staff (julie and drew) worked so hard to get it up for me.  I wish I could be there to see it....they told me they would send photos soon.  I did my BFA paper on sustainable design, so I did my project on waste.  They are waste annuals in a sense, telling the yearly disposal rate of certain things like bottles, tires, etc.  There are 5 volumes and I made all of them.  Cree helped SO much.  He sews end bands better than me now. For now, here are some that I took as well as my exhibit poster.  

Also as a side note...there are raised numbers on the front to identify volumes.  I couldn't figure out the lighting well enough to let them show.

:: we're all about history ::

This weekend, in between TFA meetings (yeah that's right, i can use their acronyms now) and move in, we decided to check out some of the historical sites.  I took some polaroids.  Cree took his roliflex.....and....we got some stamps!!!!  My mother was green with envy.  I hope this summer, combined with D.C. that I will have the most stamps in the entire Cockriel family.  I'm crossing my fingers.

I have had mine for years.  It is all old and scruffy now.
I gave cree one for his birthday...so his is all brand new and shiny...
just waiting to be filled.

I have never had so many stamps in one place! 
It was like national park heaven.

Friday, June 26, 2009

:: photo catch up ::

This was from the weekend before we left Provo.
We had the first Jones Family Reunion.

I love micah's face.

This was just about the prettiest cloud i'd ever seen.
almost edible....

This was while cree was giving me my University of Michigan tour.
I took a break to talk to kenz.

This is Cree's Law Library...the inside is GORGEOUS! 

this was our provo home...i was sad to leave it.

loved the stained glass.

and yes....
this was our bed.

Ben Franklin says hello every morning to us now...

and here is the living room....i tried my best to make it homish.

do you see the white shower curtain part is only two feet long?
that's all they had when we got there.  We bought the clear one.

our new computer!!!

I think now that it is clean we'll be able to handle it for two months.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

:: brotherly love ::

We are finally in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.

We left last Thursday, drove 25 hours to Ann Arbor where cree gave me a tour of his new school....which is basically hogwarts. We tried, with no success, to find places for me work. Found a hotel at a really sketchy hotel called the embassy owned by a man in a turban who when asked about parking, told us to park in the bank parking. We told him the signs say non-bank customers would be towed. He said, "It ok. I own bank." We didn't believe him and paid the 20 dollars we were trying to save by staying somewhere cheapo on overnight parking.

Ann Arbor is quite quaint and cute. Cost of living, not so cute. We found a nice place about 10 minutes from campus that might work if we play our cards right.

After church on sunday (where I was the only woman without child), we made our way to philly. The drive was the prettiest we've had the whole trip. Tree lined highway the entire way. The east is so green. Good ridden's Utah.

At about 1:30 in the morning on Monday, we made our Philadelphia destination. It looks like we live in the bad part of town...especially at 1:30 in the morning. We enter the dorms....I immediatley feel like we've entered an episode of saved by the bell. The floors and walls are green and purple checkered and speckled. The counters...purple. The chairs...plastic and purple. I enter the bathroom....dried pee on the wall and left over hairs from the former tennants. Scared to death of what we'd find, we made our way to the bedroom. Two twin beds complete with random piles of sticky who knows what, complete with stringy hairs attached to each patch. I thought I was going to cry but didn't say a word. 35 hours in the car for this?!?!? I could have said a dirty word.

Cree pushed our beds together and we used what blankets we had and said good night. the moment the lights went out, I burst into tears. Cree asked what was wrong (which i thought should be quite obvious), and all could get to come out of my mouth was, "tomorrow...sob. first thing....sob sob. cleaning supplies." He hugged me and we went to sleep.

7:30 came...I didn't dare get a shower before it was clean, so we made our way to target greasy hair and all and used our wedding giftcards to get as many cans of sanitizing prouduct we could get our hands on. Cree took me to IKEA to get a new rug to cover the gross floor and to the market to get fresh flowers...which brighten up any room. Completely equipped, we headed back. Cree unloaded our things while I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. In three hours I felt like a new woman. The dorm was spotless. We put our vintage table cloths and a quilt Kenz gave us for our wedding (with a sheet underneath of coarse so that the quilt didn't touch the nasty couch) over the furniture to make it semi-usable. Now that the dorm is clean and I am surrounded by an assortment of my things...I feel much better.

We are living in the dorms with the rest of the teach for america kids. They are all just as Cree described....very busy and very hard working, and very intense. I went along with him to a meeting about getting organized...I've never seen so many 22 year old stressing about how to write up an agenda. That said, everyone is EXTREMELY nice considering the stress they are under. Maybe that will change come August.

I started me internship at 160over90 yesterday. The subway took me straight from the dorms in about 20 minutes. Kenz sent me a super nice text right before I went in which made me feel a tad better about the situation. The staff is great. Everyone is super friendly...and there are tons of them. Way bigger than mucca...and very different from mucca. There are quite a few other interns who are GREAT. So much fun, which helps me not be my awkward self. Only downside is that, I'm an intern again. Certain type of jobs come along with the title "intern" that I am ready to be rid of. :) Tomorrow I start my letterpress internship, so we'll see how that goes....

I'll post pictures of the Amandified dorm room soon. That is if my camera doesn't get stolen on my way to work...just kidding mom. The street clientell is very different at 8 in the morning as opposed to 1:30 at night. Promise.

i work in the building with the big black vertical window to the left of city hall.
we are on the 10th floor so it looks right out over the city...quite beautiful.

Monday, June 8, 2009

:: grizzly bear ::

Sooo good. It is all i am listening to.

:: wooohooo ::

We just found out that I recieved an internship offer.
This one is a letterpress studio called Louella Press
and they
work in conjunction with Two Paperdolls.  
Everyone seems really nice, i'm pretty pumped.
Here is some of their work. I start in two weeks.