Monday, October 13, 2008

i miss new york.

It hit me today. I miss New York.
For my 311 English class, we get to write in a journal everyday.  I made it my goal to write down all my NYC memories.  It has proven to be a more difficult task than initially expected.  I wish so much I would have been a dedicated journal writer while there.  I am already forgetting and that makes me sad.  I've said all along that this was the summer I'd never forget.  Little did I know just how easy it was.
As I was thinking about new york, I got to pondering my future.  I am graduating soon.  This means I'm gonna have to grow up and get a grown up job. Lucky me.  Honestly, the thought kind of scares me.  I loved new york and would love to go back while I can...but another part of me wants to explore other cities.  When I was looking for my internship this past summer, I sent my portfolio all over.  Consequently, I received offers to intern in places other than new york, but of course I chose new york.  I've decided I am going to keep my mind open and be excited about anything that comes my matter where it is.  It's weird to think I'll be somewhere other than here a year from now....I just don't know where that somewhere other than here is.

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