Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I did it! I, Amanda Jane Cockriel, deactivated my facebook account. In a moment of frustration yesterday morning, as I was swamped with homework...and wasting my precious time stocking random people I haven't seen in five years on facebook. I felt quite silly...and consequently chose to quit facebook. Since yesterday morning, I've counted the number of times I have typed in www.facebook.com. Nine times. Nine times I subconsciously typed in the web address, pressed enter, then sighed in frustration as I realize I couldn't get my ten minute facebook break/fix. It's a horrible habit...and a waste of time.

Keep your fingers crossed that I'm not back in three days.
I honestly don't know if I have the self control, but i'll try.



  1. amanda you are amazing...now i'm sorry that i can't stalk you and see all the cute pictures from your life. but maybe i should follow your awesome example and deactivate off of that time waster too... and then replace it with blog stalking :).

  2. I'll miss all your fun pictures!

  3. yeah...i couldn't take it.
    i'm back.

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