Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cree's Birthday

Birthdays are a very big deal in the house Cockriel household, so I tried to make Cree's a big deal.

First I called Cree's middle school and asked the secretary to make an announcement over the intercom. She said of coarse...but when cree got home after work he said she must have forgotten. I didn't let this get me down.

For dinner, Cree decided that he wanted to go to Sammy's for his birthday dinner. Burgers, fries and pie shakes....always a treat.

Next we went to my apartment for pin the mustache on cree, cake, and some other slightly embarrassing yet fun birthday games.

After the festivities, we went to see Flash of Genius at the dollar movie.

For his birthday I made him an Idaho for Obama t-shirt, personalized a national park passport and bought him the 3rd and 4th season of Saved by the Bell...one of his favorites.

Quite an enjoyable birthday.....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My intent was to use these photographs for a project about our conformity to the man. It kinda fell through....and I got bored of it. Now I have a new topic and some really great photo booth pictures.

I did it! I, Amanda Jane Cockriel, deactivated my facebook account. In a moment of frustration yesterday morning, as I was swamped with homework...and wasting my precious time stocking random people I haven't seen in five years on facebook. I felt quite silly...and consequently chose to quit facebook. Since yesterday morning, I've counted the number of times I have typed in www.facebook.com. Nine times. Nine times I subconsciously typed in the web address, pressed enter, then sighed in frustration as I realize I couldn't get my ten minute facebook break/fix. It's a horrible habit...and a waste of time.

Keep your fingers crossed that I'm not back in three days.
I honestly don't know if I have the self control, but i'll try.


Monday, October 13, 2008

one of my projects.

I designed these last winter in one of my packaging design classes.  It was a fun project, and I was very happy with the way they came out. Krystall is a swedish drink, so I tried to keep the design clean and smart like more design from those fantastically Scandinavian countries.  Here is the link to the original design for Kristall which I tried to improve upon.

i miss new york.

It hit me today. I miss New York.
For my 311 English class, we get to write in a journal everyday.  I made it my goal to write down all my NYC memories.  It has proven to be a more difficult task than initially expected.  I wish so much I would have been a dedicated journal writer while there.  I am already forgetting and that makes me sad.  I've said all along that this was the summer I'd never forget.  Little did I know just how easy it was.
As I was thinking about new york, I got to pondering my future.  I am graduating soon.  This means I'm gonna have to grow up and get a grown up job. Lucky me.  Honestly, the thought kind of scares me.  I loved new york and would love to go back while I can...but another part of me wants to explore other cities.  When I was looking for my internship this past summer, I sent my portfolio all over.  Consequently, I received offers to intern in places other than new york, but of course I chose new york.  I've decided I am going to keep my mind open and be excited about anything that comes my way...no matter where it is.  It's weird to think I'll be somewhere other than here a year from now....I just don't know where that somewhere other than here is.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

another book.

After reading Jonathan Safran Foer's second book, I opted to read the first. Honestly...I didn't like it quite as much as the second. It was a little more risque and I didn't enjoy reading it as much as Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I love the cover though. I borrowed my copy from my friend Brigham Barnes. His copy was blue and orange...if I remember right (I should because i forgot to give it to him after finishing it for a whole month later. ooops.) Swell idea to have all different colors. Nifty.