Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I heart national parks.

This weekend in an attempt to get out a dodge and do something fun, cree and I decided to go up to Idaho and enjoy the wonders it has to offer. Since I've yet to see just how great Idaho apparently it, he made it the goal of the weekend to change my opinion. We drove up Friday to catch the Burley High-school football game. Anyone who knows me, knows what kind of football fan I am...and by that I mean what kind of football fan i am not. I made it through alive...so all is well.
Saturday, we started early. I being the space cadet that I am, forgot my tennis shoes for our day of outdoor adventure and consequently had to borrow some of Cree's mama's shoes....grey with big shiny reflector swishes down the sides...just so people wouldn't run over me. Honestly, I've never thought about it before, but it is quite smart and i think Sister Jones has inspired me to invest in a pair. The first visit was at Lake Cleveland...a darling lake up in the mountains outside Burley. It was quite picturesque. I wish my camera could capture just how pretty it was. After skipping rocks for a bit, and by skipping i mean plopping (I have yet to master the art...cree on the other hand was quite good) we made our way to the lookout which was high enough you could see most of Burley and the neighboring towns. Next we made our way to the Outpost...a small town diner where we were served great burgers and the biggest french fries I've ever seen. It took an hour to get our food...but I guess that just comes with the small town charm. After lunch, we went to get my national park stamp for my passport. To my surprise, the California trail had a stamp as well! so I got two for my delightful little book. Next we went to the City of Rocks national reserve and climbed the Bath Tub Rock. It was fantastic. Kind of scared me to death...but I made it and all is well. The wind was blowing so hard once we reached the top that I thought for sure someone was going to blow off.
By this point we were pretty tuckered out (that's small town talk...also you need to call your parents folks...just fyi)so we decided to venture over to the natural hot springs. Mmmmmhmmmm. Perfect ending to our Idaho outdoor adventure. As of being convinced of its loveliness? I was.

Monday, September 29, 2008

one more thing.

i miss mackenzie sasser.

i'm starting a new blogging leaf...
by trying to be a bit more consistent.
well, i'm back from new york.
in provo...going to school, working at the library, living above a boutique, having fun with cree, enjoying the mountains, taking pictures, reading lots of books...about vampires (yes, i have been sucked into the twilight phenomenon), and listening to lots of jazz.  
and so begins my new blogging leaf.

i have a huge test to take at four.  i am very unprepared for it...and yet, i decided now would be the time to blog...i think i subconsciously had ulterior motives. 
so with that said, i'm going to post a picture...and call it quits til the next time i feel so inclined.